Our Leadership

Pastor Drew

Drew Stever, Lead Pastor

Pastor Drew Stever was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. He went to his family's Lutheran church every Sunday and Wednesday and his Catholic school's mass services every week. Despite the frequent church attendance, Drew hasn't always been a fan of church, or Christianity. But that started to change thanks to the mentorship of a community of women. It was during his internship with the chaplain at a state correctional facility that he heard the call to ministry. 

In October 2016, two months into seminary and one month before the U.S. Presidential election, Drew came out as transgender. This transition propelled Drew into noticing and witnessing and experiencing God's presence in the in-between places of life. God did not just create sun and moon, but twilight and dawn as well. 

God loves weirdos. This is a saying that Pastor Drew lives by. Know that if you feel like you don't fit in anywhere, you fit in here. You are already welcome at Hope. 

Pastor Drew now lives in Thousand Oaks with his family and dog. You can usually find him lounging outside in the hut he built, or at Target. 

Helena Buscema

Helena Buscema, Music Minister

Helena began singing at Hope Lutheran Church in early 1996, became the Music Minister later that year, and has been leading, directing, and planning music at Hope Lutheran ever since. In addition to leading the music program at Hope, Helena also leads worship at 2 other churches each week, has sung in TV shows, feature films, commercials, and recorded multiple albums including one she named after her favorite hymn, “I Surrender All.” In July, 2000 she was Voted BEST WORSHIP SINGER in "Best of L.A.!" in Los Angeles Magazine. Helena says that leading songs at Hope brings her great joy especially during her favorite seasons of Advent and Christmas. She enjoys the fellowship she’s had with the choir, band, and members of the congregation all these years and feels at home at Hope. “I am blessed to be able to sing God’s praises every Sunday here.”

Jeff Burt

Jeff Burt, Office Manager

Jeff arrived at Hope Lutheran in 2006 and joined the church as a member of the congregation a year later. A retiree, in 2009 he volunteered to help out in the church office, and subsequently accepted the Church Council's invitation to become Office Manager in 2011, a job where he remains to this day. Jeff's ambition is to continue to support Hope's community mission here in Hollywood in whatever way he can.