Our Leadership

Pastor Drew

Drew Stever, Lead Pastor

Pastor Drew Stever was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. He went to his family's Lutheran church every Sunday and Wednesday and his Catholic school's mass services every week. Despite the frequent church attendance, Drew hasn't always been a fan of church, or Christianity. But that started to change thanks to the mentorship of a community of women. It was during his internship with the chaplain at a state correctional facility that he heard the call to ministry. 

In October 2016, two months into seminary and one month before the U.S. Presidential election, Drew came out as transgender. This transition propelled Drew into noticing and witnessing and experiencing God's presence in the in-between places of life. God did not just create sun and moon, but twilight and dawn as well. 

God loves weirdos. This is a saying that Pastor Drew lives by. Know that if you feel like you don't fit in anywhere, you fit in here. You are already welcome at Hope. 

Pastor Drew now lives in Thousand Oaks with his family and dog. You can usually find him lounging outside in the hut he built, or at Target. 

Pastor Mark

Mark Rasbach, Pastor of Stewardship

Pastor Mark Rasbach was born and raised in Hollywood, CA and has been connected to Hope Lutheran Church for almost his entire life. He took over as Lead Pastor for his father Hubert “HK” Rasbach in 1980 and served in that position until the end of 2018. Since then he has transitioned into his new role of Pastor of Stewardship.

During his many years of service to Hope Lutheran and the Hollywood Community, Pastor Mark has served on advisory boards for both AngelCare, an international child relief program, and Christians Concerned, an organization working to combat anti-Semitism. Pastor Mark also connected Hope Lutheran with organizations like Home Safe and Covenant House to help the youth in our community. Starting in 1982, Pastor Mark led Hope Lutheran through a complete rebuild of the church building after it was destroyed in an arson-set fire.

Pastor Mark still lives in the Hollywood community with his adorable cat Sprinkles and enjoys frequenting his favorite neighborhood restaurants like El Coyote and Antonio’s.