About Hope


... a church is not a building. It is the people of God, living the Christian life. In fact, at Hope Lutheran Church, we share our concerns for each other and for the unique need of the people of Hollywood. We have a commitment to be the channels of God's love, and this commitment shapes our services and program.

We put ourselves into traditions of the Church, but express our faith in very contemporary ways. Hope in Hollywood is a dynamic growing fellowship. Our Concert Worship reaches out and touches persons with all of the victories and defeats modern civilization can produce. At Hope you will find real people whose Christian love and commitment enables and empowers them to reach out to other real people in need.

There are many opportunities for participation. These opportunities range from attending classes, Bible study, service organizations, counseling, choir, theater, fundraising, witnessing to worshipping every Sunday.

Hope offers all traditional forms of ministry. its Pastors are available to administer the Sacraments, preach and teach God's word, individual and family counseling and prayer.

You are invited to share with us the energy and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth that are here. We believe you will find Hope in Hollywood to be a deeply spiritual, caring community of believers in which you can know a loving God and receive the strength to make God known.